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I recently signed up for the "Imatch" feature for $25 a year. It was supposed to SYNC the songs from my MacBook Air itunes library to my iphone 5S. However, instead of syncing only the PURCHASED songs, it synced absolutely everything I had in my itunes without giving me an option to select the artists/songs. So now my 32G phone suddently turned into 5GB free. I tried deleting songs from icloud but unable to without deleting them completely from my itunes lbrary.


Please help me find a way to delete/edit my songs from icloud/imatch without permanantly deleting them form my laptop/itunes library.


Thank you very much.

MacBook Air, iOS 7.0.4
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    1. It wasn't necessary to sign up for iTunes Match, if you only wanted to sync your purchases songs on iTunes.

    2. iTunes Match is made for syncing every song no matter where you bought it.

    3. Songs don't count against your iCloud storage.

    4. By the way you don't have to download the songs on your phone and could also turn off iTunes Match in "Settings > iTunes & App Stores".

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    Hey Dave,


    Ye I understand that I didnt have to sign up for "imatch" to sync my devices, I simply wanted to have both my phone and laptop in wireless Sync with each other once I purchase a new song, or a movie etc.


    However, "imatch" transfered all my music without giving me an option to edit or select artists/playlists. Now I'm stuck with 4 "Kenny G and Yanni" albums on my phone that I dont want on my phone and cant delete them.

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    Yes, but you don't have to download them. If you want to delete already downloaded music then just swipe over the songs and delete them. As I wrote before you don't need iTunes Match on your devices to download purchased music. You could simply download your purchases by opening the iTunes Store App, then click on "More > Purchased". ( If you turn off iTunes Match in "Settings > iTunes and App Stores > iTunes Match" all of your other content would not be displayed.)

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    Got it! Thanks dude. Works great Im getting my refund.

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    You are welcome!