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Mike Kaplan Level 1 (40 points)

Hi folks,


Is it possible to have more than one loop in an arrangement?  So far, I'm coming up with "no".   I have some backing tracks I'd like to use live, and I'm looking for ways to make it flexible.......one way is to have places in the song where it can loop for an undetermined number of repetitions, and I can click the loop button to let it move on at the right time.  If it was possible to have more than one loop in the arrangement, several different places for verses or storytelling of indeterminate length, this would be perfect.  Anyone know of a way to do this?  So far, whenever I put down a loop at the top of the arrange window, it erases the previous loop. 


If this is not possible, is there any easy way to lay down loop points on the fly, while an arrangement is playing?  Or using predetermined markers?  Or....???



Thanks in advance,

Mike Kaplan