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I'm stymied as to why, but iDVD has stopped working for me entirely. I'm using OSX 10.9, and had no problems until I attempted to open iDVD this week. It now closes immediately upon opening. No menu, no nothing. I've tried reinstalling, to no avail. Quite literally, it does nothing.


That's confounding enough. But I thought perhaps there might be a suitable alternative to authoring DVDs, for the times when that is a preferred method for watching a home movie I've made. (Nothing fancy here, just some iMovie generated edits of vacations, family events and the like--basic titles, basic transitions, etc.)


The thing is, for anything good I read about something like Toast, there seems to be something equally bad: and it appears Mavericks and Toast don't play well together, from what I've been seeing. So I wonder, among the savvy users here, is there such an animal still in existance? Is there a basic, functional DVD authoring program for a home user who wants some simple menus--not professional grade, but at least marginally classy? I loved iDVD for just that, but so long as it appears to be dead for me, isn't there someone who makes a decent alternative? (Or maybe there really isn't.)