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My goal is to allow one Windows 7 user (my work laptop) to access a single folder on my Mac (running 10.5) when I'm home.


First, I created a folder on my Mac called "Win7-Share".


In the OS X 10.5 Sharing system preference, File Sharing (main checkbox) is enabled. I added "Win7-Share" to the list of shared folders, and created a new user (right there in the Sharing control panel, using the "+" button) named "Joe-Windows" with read-write privs. I hit the "Options" button in the Sharing panel and selected "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)" and nothing else. I hit "Done" to make the change take effect.


From my Windows machine, I see my Mac under the "Network" browser and attempt to "log in" to my shared folder as user "Joe-Windows". But I am unable to connect.


So I go back to the Mac, and--in Sharing / "Options", under "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)"--I click the checkbox beside "Joe Smith"--my Mac's administrator (me). It is the only user listed there. (Why isn't "Joe-Windows" visible as an option?)


Now I can log in from Windows as "Joe Smith," but my entire Mac and all attached hard drives are fully visible--as one would expect for the system admin. I don't want this in this situation--I want just access to the Win7-Share folder.


Is it possible to log in from Windows to my Mac with the "Joe-Windows" user name, thus restricting access from that Windows machine to the single folder (Win7-Share) that Joe-Windows has been given access to?

Power Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I don't have Windows & Macs in the same locations so cannot test, but what I'd try is making a Joe-Windowsser on the Mac, standard account, not admin.

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    You can create a "Sharing only" user for your sharing purpose.

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    Your tip was a good one--Creating a new standard user account for my Windows user name did indeed add that user name to the list under SMB sharing, allowing me to select that one specific user for access to one specific folder. Unfortunately, my success was short-lived, and I am back to not having it work again. See the full thread in the Apple discussion for the full details.

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    Albereto Ravasio: Actually, the user I created in the Sharing control panel actually was a "sharing only" user. When I took the tip from the other responder in this forum, BDAqua, to create a new standard user account for my Windows user name, that did indeed add that user name to the selectable list under SMB sharing, allowing me to select that one specific user for access to one specific folder.


    I combined this innovation with a tip I found elsewhere online about changing the name of the workgroup setting in the Network/Advanced/WINS/Workgroup name to "workgroup." This temporarily allowed access to the single designated folder on my Mac from the Win7 machine. But after I restarted the Win7 machine for other reasons, I could no longer access my SMB share on my Mac. And I still can't.


    I notice that in Network/Advanced/WINS/Workgroup name, the control panel is incapable of holding the name "workgroup," or any workgroup name, after I hit "OK" and "apply." It simply vanishes back to a blank field, and with it my ability to connect to this SMB folder has vanished.


    Another really annoying thing about viewing a Mac SMB folder from Windows 7--There is no obvious way to disconnect from such shares, except for restarting. When you right-click on the word "Network" in a Windows window, and right-click to choose the "disconnect network drive . . ." command, the subsequent window that's supposed to allow you to select network drives to disconnect is empty! Though I clearly have at least a network folder available, it apparently doesn't qualify as a network "drive" and thus can't be selected for disconnection. As I said, the only way I've found to disconnect a Mac SMB share from Windows is by restarting Windows. What an utterly bizarre, obtuse, and confounding operating system Windows continues to be!

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    Okay, so Mac has some bizarre sharing features, too: When I click "Options" in Sharing, and have "share files and folders using afp" checked along with "Share files and folders using SMB", the share becomes invisible to my Win7 machine when trying to view the Mac folder from Windows. When I uncheck AFP, it suddenly becomes visible (even though SMB is selected in both instances). Actually, scratch that--You can re-enable AFP once you've made the initial connection via SMB, and the now-"mounted" share remains conencted.


    But one thing that leads me to believe the two are mutually exclusive: When you select "Share...AFP" in "Options", the "status message" in the main Sharing pane says "File Sharing: On" and indicates what appears to be access instructions for Macs. When you uncheck that "Share...AFP" box on and simply leave the SMB sharing box checked in "Options", that message changes to "Windows Sharing: On". This would indicate to me that you can't share one folder with just Mac users and another folder with just Windows users at the same time. Pick your shared OS, and only those properly equipped need apply for Sharing.

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    If you leave tat pref pane widow open with things enabled or toggled & re=enabled, does it work???

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    Which "pref pane window" are you referring to? The one for WINS settings, or another one?

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    Sorry, the Sharing Pef Pane.