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Jeffason Level 1 (40 points)
I made this so everyone could have all the exact steps needed for a perfect implementation of Logic Pro and Reason Rewired.

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  • GothamKnight Level 1 (0 points)
    thank you! i was wondering how to do this so i'll check it out tonight
  • NLS Level 1 (50 points)

    I'm trying to reproduce all this but...
    when I create the audio object (rewire return) I cannot select the channel 'rewire stereo --> reason'. It simply is not in the list.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
    I run Logic 7.1.1 and Logic 3.0.5.
  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
    this video isn't correct.

    i will try to make a complete tutorial via pdf and post here in the next two weeks.

    thank for the post for the original poster, but there are more elaborate ways to do this via rewire to where you have each channel of reason going to an aux so that you can use logic instruments. even put individual effects on reasons drum machine.
  • NLS Level 1 (50 points)
    Great! I'm looking forward to it!
  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
    no prob. gimme a week or two, and i will post it. it will not take that long to create, but i am preparing for a major project, and this will have to be down on the list.
  • quadrupolesmurf Level 2 (325 points)
    In Logic (usually) there are several ways to accomplish the same task, but I think it would be nice to offer another version of how to set things up.

    and a few tips

    I also agree with popsicle, the video tutorials are useful for people getting Logic and Reason working with minimal effort and get them over the learning curve. But, there is a more flexible way to set things up.

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    Hi Smurf!

    I also found this setup yesterday and followed it through. Unfortunatly I found out that I had only room for two inserts on the rewire Audio Objects. I assume this is a limitation of Logic. I'd like to see another way to setup the whole stuff so that I can apply as much effects as I would do on normal audio/instrument tracks.

    Maybe Popsicle's way will make this possible... Surely hope so!

    Any way, thanks for the reply!
  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
    a quick run down.
    in Reason: this is the simplest way to get this working. you can route cables later.
    1. run every output of each device (not effects just instruments) into the patch bay at the top. and on redrum you can send the output of each instrument to its own patch channel) bypass reasons mixer all together.

    in Logic:

    1. create a new environment layer
    2. name it Reason
    4. create rewire objects for each device in reason you want to rewire (name the object to what ever instrument it is in reason)
    3. create an audio object for each device you want to rewire from reason (2 for stereo paned hard left and hard right if the device is a stereo device, 1 for devices such as the drum machine because we want 1 audio object for each instrument of the drum unit). change the channel of that device in the parameters box to the channel coinciding to the channel in logic. now drag a cable from the audio object to the rewire object in this layer (this connects the rewire object to the correct input object in Logic)
    4. name these audio objects the name of the reason instrument.
    5. output these audio objects to a bus and turn the output of that but to no output.
    6. create a new environment layer called Rewire Auxes
    7. create a new audio abject for each bus that you have sent a reason channel to giving the input to that aux as the bus, and leave the output to 1-2.

    in Logic arrange:
    1. create a channel in the arrange page and select it to be what ever the name of the reason instrument you want. now you can record midi and see, playback what ever in logic from reason.
    2. to add effects you can now open the track mixer, and select the aux button on the left and use the inserts on the auxs to use logic plugins on reasons channels coming in.

    this is the best way i have used. you can record automation in reason and it i play back in logic, use logic plug-ins, route the cables in reason through reasons effects back into the same patch bay channel to use reasons effects as well as logics, all tempo matches/changes are synced.

    this is a real crude run down of the process, and i will put together a vid or pdf soon so visual aid can help with the walk through process.


    name everything.

    be sure to create stereo auxes if the reason instrument is stereo.

    please do this one at a time. this is so that you can not get confused there is a lot of switching between applications and environment layers.

    check back soon i will have visual aid and a better walk through, but this should get you started.


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  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
    so uh...did anyone find this info useful yet?

    i haven't had a chance to get the pdf started, but it is coming.

  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
  • Jeffason Level 1 (40 points)

    anyways, the only error was the the person above was not using logic 7.2 so there was no stereo reason return in the parameters of an audio more reason to upgrade

    However, frequent's tutorial does things that are not accurate...

    For example, there is no need to cable rewire objects to audio objects, because these objects are totally separate.

    I pointed this out to the author who, despite this being an error, tried to justify it as good practice.

    Then he got mad, deleted my corrective comments, and made rude comments on my video.

    However, for a person looking to set up seperate audio outputs per reason instrument, his ( I am assuming late teen-early 20's male ) tutorial does show you how to cable the reason instruments into the audio device of reason, and then reference these from within logic's audio objects. Just keep in mind there is no point to cabling rewire objects to audio objects in the environment.
  • frequent popsicle Level 3 (640 points)
    "anyways, the only error was the the person above was not using logic 7.2 so there was no stereo reason return in the parameters of an audio more reason to upgrade?

    why should they upgrade? no need for a useless feature. this is the error in your video. you don't have the knowledge to help everyone. your limited to what you just bought. you have no idea of the work a rounds from the days past. so your video is only good for logic 7.2 users. not everyone who uses logic and needs to rewire reason. durrrrr......
    your amateur at best, buddy.

    dude. you the comments i deleted were hateful and incorrect. i made the video for people not only using logic 7.2 but for all logic users using rewire.

    give it up. your trolling has now become a joke. face it.. you learned something from my video, or else you would have known how to setup rewire for multi-channel use, and not wasted peoples time with a bogus and bunk video.

    #1 rule.. if you are going to help people help everyone. you video has a limited scope and user base. as you have admitted too.

    if you cable or don't cable it makes that is a choice. it has solved issues with earlier version. i don't know if things have changed, but it will not cause problems if you do wire the objects.

    i guess next you are going to show people how to become a troll in stereo using logic 7.2.

    what does age have to do with anything? and your wrong. by your profile on youtube your the early 20's
    your a
    just let it rest..
  • NLS Level 1 (50 points)
    Hey guys, chill chill...

    I guess a lot of rewire users will be thankfull to the both of you, mainly for the fact that at least you tried to explain the whole rewire stuff...

    Anyway, for what I can say: jeffason's way didn't work out for me. Popsicle's way did exactly what I wanted, I can now have 'unlimited' effects on my rewire channels.

    All by all, it is still a very time consuming thing... Especially if, like me, you want to redo all your songs you made in reason before you got logic. Really, recabling songs with +25 instances of whatever and linking everything up in logic... it is a real pain in the "youknowhat".

    I'm still hoping one day it will just be like you select a button in reason and another button in Logic, and baaaam: fully rewired channel!


    seeya guys.

    Popsicle, to answer your question, yes, it was very usefull.

    Powermac G5 dual 2,3 - 1,5Gig ram   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   Logic 7.1.1 / M audio Ozone / BCF2000 / Drumkat 3.8
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