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I am using the airport express as Wlan repeater with my time capsule. Connected via Wlan. WLAN Connection between both is very good

Everything runs fine with setup. Problem is that my airport express is loosing every 2-5 hours the connection to the base.

As soon I plug out and plug in again connection is existing again, after some hours same problem again= no connection to the base = orange blinking led.


Any idea to solve this issue?

Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen), iOS 7.0.4
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,284 points)

    It always goes without saying that you will have a much stronger signal and much bettter reliability if you can connect the AirPort Express back to the Time Capsule using a wired Ethernet cable connection.


    If you cannot run the cable, you need to make sure that you have at least a 25-30 db SNR reading (Signal to Noise) at the location of the AirPort Express.


    If you have a Mac laptop and don't mind spending a few dollars on a good utility like WiFi Explorer or WiFi Scanner, install one of the applications below and then post back and we'll give you some troubleshooting tips.


    Mac App Store - WiFi Explorer - iTunes - Apple


    Mac App Store - WiFi Scanner - iTunes - Apple

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    Thanks Bob.

    A connection with cable is not possible.


    I installed Wifi Explorer and measured at the position of my airport express between 35 and 40db SNR from the base = this should not cause the problem.




    If it stays like now I can really not recommend anybody the airportexpress as repeater = I have to send it back.


    Strange is also: in the kitchen where I am sitting with my Mac I measure 24db from airport express which is 4 meters behind a wooden door and I get from my Timecapsule which is in the first floor also 24db = signal from Base has same quality even it is not that close = repeater does not help at all?


    Any other idea?

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    Are you sure that the Express is actually extending the signal?


    Did you test to identify the BSSID on AirPorts?


    You have an 802.11"n" version of the Express, correct?

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    3 times YES to all your questions.


    Many thanks for your help and time.

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    problem solved with 35-40 db SNR reading (Signal to Noise) at the location of the AirPort Express.


    Many thanks Bob for your help, without recommended tool I could never find the solution.

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    Hello again,

    after some days i have the same problem again, it disconnect himself after 30-60 minutes and orange light is flashing it reconnects only if I remove and add again the power plug.


    placed it already also only 1 meter from my timecapsule, does not solve the problem= the problem is not connected with an bad signal.


    any other idea?

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    You may have a defective AirPort Express.

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    I will send it back now. Let's cross fingers that new one will work properly.

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    If it does not.....then you know that you have some strange wireless interference issues going on there.


    Please keep us posted on your progress.