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I have recently upgraded to Mavericks from Lion on a Mac book Pro. All my files were getting mixed up and lost. I contacted apple care and we tried to copy my system hard drive to a separate La Cie Hard drive which is also used to store my Time machine back ups. Now my Time machine back ups are mostly missing and I get a media offline notice for all of myFinal cut files.  I can render the projects but they are still invisible and apparently "offline. " The only files I have offline are the unedited tapes. TheFCP  files were stored in the systems hard drive before we copied them to the La Cie. When I try to re connect to media the files are missing.  However, surely  they must be there somewhere since they take hours to render. If this doesn't make sense I am not surprised since it doesn't make sense to me either! However I am getting very good assistance from apple care but the advisor doesn't know anything aboiut final cut so we are stuck. Can any one tell us please How do weScreen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.52.41 AM.png find my final cut pro files?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9), this took plworking with apple care
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    Select your off-line clips in the FCP Browser. Once they are selected, Control-Click on any one of the selected clips and from the drop down menu choose Reconnect Media . . .


    When the Reconnect Files Pane opens, click on the Locate button and when the Reconnect Pane opens, navigate to the drive you think the files are on. Do not drill down in the folder structure, just choose the drive name in the left sidebar and click choose.


    FCP will search that drive for files that match the properties of the files that are offline and attempt to find matches.


    When it is done and if it has found matches, click the Connect button.


    You should be reconnected.


    It is hard to see what is going on in your timeline, as the sequence looks like a bunch of audio edits below one continous video clip name "untititled", is this correct?




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    Thanks Meg. Unfortunatly I have tried this proceeedure to search  each seperate drive and for every file. The answer is always the same: nothing found.  Doesn't look good but My hope is, that, since it takes so long to render these so called "offline " files, they must be hidden somewhere on one of my drives. I suspect that they are in some sort of compressed form and therefore not accessible to FCP?


    Yes, that's right it is a single continuous I hr take video with a whole lot of sound files added. I can re load the video file but I live on a small island and have no acess to a camera that will transfer the tape. The sound files are from all over the place and they took me ages to edit down to exactly what I wanted. So I am hoping to find them all and not have to go back to the off line recordings again.