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Mac OS X

While I was at my computer (MBP late 2011) this afternoon, the screen went black.  The computer had turned off.  I restarted the computer and the white screen came up with the Apple logo.  Then the wheel/gear began to spin.  This went on a long time, then the wheel/gear and logo disappeared, leaving the white screen.  After some minutes, the screen went black.


I tried to start up in Safe Mode, but there is no chime when my computer starts up.  Any, after several tries, exactly the same things as above happened.


I have a keynote talk stuck in this computer I have to give in two days.

OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Hey Cosman!


    I have an article here for you that can help you troubleshoot this issue with your computer:


    Troubleshooting: My computer won't turn on



    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Have a good one!



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    Mac OS X

    Well guys, thanks for all the help.  I finally took it to the Genius bar at the Apple Store and we did the usual triage out on the floor.  Then they took it to the back room for techs to work on.  Next day they called and said it wasn't the HD, it had to be the mother board.


    So, they have to send it off.  They also said I had 3rd Party memory in it (yep, 16BG), and the repair people back at the factory would throw that away and reinstall Apple memory.  They asked if I could bring in the original 4GB of Apple memory, so I wouldn't pay double for the memory.


    Now I am using my wife's 2007 MBP with 3GB in it.  I downloaded my files from backup, but the apps won't run.  That means all my files writted in iWork 9 won't even open, and the machine wont run the backup files with the old iWork apps.


    Lots of fun.  I am copying and pasting PDF text and putting it into the old Pages, Keynote, etc. to try to get some work done.  And of course a customer needs a ton of work done yesterday for a bid package.


    On top of that, when I get my 2011 back, it won't run any of the files I did with the old iWorks.  Thanks Apple!


    We need a translator to convert files from the old to the new and VV.  I have a lot of old files I need to revisit occasionally.