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Hello, i bought my Macbook air around a year ago, the seller installed OS X Lion onto the macbook and left the DMG on the desktop, i decided to sell my macbook last week, so i needed to restore my macbook having no where to put the DMG because of lack of storage eg. Memory stick over 4gb. I installed from the DMG when the installation was complete the laptop was stuck and i still stuck on the Apple logo with the spinning wheel, i have shut down the machine and opened Utilities with CMD R several times. i have tried reparing the disc, no luck, i have tried re-installing the OS from there it comes up with OS X 10.7 is not availible and kicks me out and i do not have a time machine back up, or a backup of an OS, all i have is my windows PC to work with.


What would you guys recommend?


Buy and 8GB Memory stick and Snow leopard install disc and burn it onto it and use Transmac and make the USB bootable?

Buy a Lion Bootable USB off of ebay or Amazon?

any other options.


at the end of the day i dont know wether i was dumb or the guy i bought it off installed OS X illegally or what.

Mac OS X (10.7)