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Hi, I have a Mac Powerbook G3 computer with OSX, and my friend has a Mac G3 desktop computer with OS9. We have tried Yahoo! Instant Messenger and iVisit, but neither are working well for us. I would like to know if there is a free software program that works on both OSX and OS9 that will allow us to video and audio chat.
  • Ron JACKLE Level 7 (33,445 points)
    Jim Rogalski...

    From what I gather there was an earlier version of AIM that did support "something" along those lines, but I never used it to speak of.

    You may want to check over the site below as they do try to keep things up to date.


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    Thank you for your input on this question. However, I have already been to this website, for that is where I found iVisit. Again, thank you for your input.

    If anyone knows how to get iVisit to function properly, that would be very helpful. It works properly the first few times I use it, but it won't connect to the other user after the fourth or so use.
  • Baby Boomer (USofA) Level 9 (57,297 points)
    I used iVist (still do) when I had OS 8.6-OS 9.1.
    In order for iVisit to function properly, your friend will need the following:
    Lot of real RAM
    OS 9.1 or OS 9.2.2
    MRJ 2.2.5 or MRJ 2.2.6
    Cable or DSL internet service
    Good/moderate web cam

    The latest version of iVisit. No older versions must be on the system.
    Check the iVisit folder & remove all old files (old chats).
    iVisit does have its own Forums. Any problems suggest that you post there. The iVisit owners & users are very good at responding back.
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    Thank you for your advice. I will not discuss iVisit any further here due to the fact that it is slightly off topic. I will go to the iVisit forums. I am still in need of a new progrm, but if I figure out how to get iVisit to work, I will notify everyone immediatley.