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I can no longer view pdfs within Safari.


I deleted Adobe reader 7.0 and installed 11. Now Safari does not open embedded pdf's anymore. I suspect Safari is looking for reader 7.0. I think so, because in Safari>prefs>security>Internetplugins there is a list where both versions of reader are visible, the old version seems to be the active one.


I probably better had not deleted Reader 7.0 by hand...


How do I make Safari understand it should use Adobe Reader 11.0?




MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • VikingOSX Level 6 (15,664 points)

    Exit Safari.


    In Finder > Preferences > Sidebar, under DEVICES, check the top box which will be your assigned computer name. This will make it available to you in an open Finder window.


    Open a new Finder window, scroll the left panel down until you see the DEVICES section, and single-click on the name of your computer. The contents of the main Finder window will change and you will see a network globe, and for our focus, a silver icon of a disk drive with your boot drive name — probably Macintosh HD.


    Double-click Macintosh HD. Double-click Library. Scroll down until you see Internet Plug-Ins, and double-click that folder. Holding your shift-key down, select the following icons:





    Now, with both icons selected, right-click to bring up the contextual menu and choose Copy 2 Items. Then, click once on your desktop, press and hold the option key with right-click. This time, you will see Move 2 Items Here. Select this and the plug-ins will be moved to your Desktop.


    You now have a choice of default Safari PDF viewing, or if you prefer the Adobe PDF plug-ins, reinstall Adobe Reader 11.0.04 (as of this post date) to reinstate the Acrobat PDF browser plug-ins. Once this is working, drag the Adobe plug-ins on your Desktop to the trash.

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    Hi VikingOSX, Thanks for helping me out. I had simply been looking in the wrong library, the user library instead of the main library, where there was no content in the Internet Plugin folder. The two plugins are gone now and things are back to normal. Great!

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    So I followed these directions again with little hope of it working.

    But it did... finally after umpteen tries.

    I think it may have been closing safari that was the difference, what I may not have seen in my other attempts.

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    your post helped me. thank you