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dlp12 Level 1 (0 points)

Why can't you purchase your entire iTunes Wish List all at once, instead of each item separately? This is positively annoying...not to mention I had to look up how to purchase it. Apple has made it harder to purchase. It used to be self-explanatory...no longer.

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  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,071 points)

    You used to be able to but for some reason (I don't think that Apple have said why) it has been removed from the current version of iTunes. You could try leaving feedback for Apple and maybe it'll be added back in a future update : http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html

  • kewl man Level 2 (495 points)

    back in august I could now trying to purchase entire wish list and have to do each one (what a pain in the butt). I cant remember if I updated itunes or not but it is not an option. I submited feedback too. If I install a older version of itunes will purchase all of wish list come back? what is the point of the wish list now or is it just for looks?

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    Hmm, this is soo strange!

    It's the first time I buy anything from iTunes and it's so annoying to buy items one by one!

    So if I buy 30 songs on my account I will have 30 transactions instead of just one.

    Any other online shop (like for example Steam or Amazon) has a "Cart" where you add items and when you are done you simply pay for all the items in the cart.

    That's something basic!

  • kewl man Level 2 (495 points)

    you can also use itunes giftcards then it will be basicly on one transaction (if you buy it at the same time) but seems not the case with credit cards. I have abandanded buying from itunes until this issue is fixed. right now other stores are enjoying my money for music. Of couse now I have to import to itunes and sync to my devices.

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    Can you suggest some other good music stores to purchase from? That sounds like a great option. I find iTunes selection is limited with regard to some of the artists and music I like to listen to...would like others to check out.


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    I'm with kewl man. I had been purchasing through itunes, and then moving what I bought to google play since I own a nexus. Apple just lost me. Only being able to buy 1 song per transaction is beyond absurd. Though google play has its issues on some phones (depending on the phone, it may not be easy to move songs without actually downloading over the internet), I am switching to google play for purchase.