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hello, just got a new macmini with mavericks pre-installed.  I have been using Macs for years and already have an apple id account.  when trying to set up icloud with my email address, or trying to change my username to my email address, it tells me the address is used already.  I have found I have  two accounts, the one I am aware of and use for iTunes etc. and another that was last used in 2006 for Applecare Confluence Wiki. i

I can't remember what this is for.  I have changed the password for the old account, but can't see away to delete or merge the two accounts.  any info on how to proceed?  thanks

macbook 13, mini mac, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    You can neither delete nor merge AppleIDs, you just can stop using them.


    If iCloud will not accept the AppleID you are using with the iTunes store or AppStore, try if it will accept your second AppleID. When setting up a new AppleID you cannot use a primary email address, that is already in use for another AppleID, so it would be preferable, if you could use one of the appleIDs you already have.

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    thanks, I've eventually got it sorted.  created new email address and used that to sign inmates then forwarded this to my main email address.