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Hey Everyone,


I was sent this email the other day:


          For security measures against third party access, please update your account here.


          Your privacy and security is our key priority.


          iCloud Security Team


It sent be to this website:




I called apple about it and the tech informed me it is not a real thing. I don't know if anyone else has received this email. The thing is the amail address it came from is:




It seems kind of fishy to me. Help me out here. If this is really fraud, report it to reportphishing@apple.com. Help protect all Apple customers out there from being hacked and/or having their identity stolen. Let me know what you think.




Eric Zalenski

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    Spam. Report to Apple at the phishing email link you have indicated, then delete the email.

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    Hi, sorry to bother but I really would appreciate help and I just joined today.


    I received an email (allegedly) from iCloud that ended up in my junk email telling me I had 48 hours to verify my iCloud account and without thinking I clicked on "Verify". The email is as follows:


    Dear iCloud Customer,

    This message has been sent to you from Apple because we have noticed invalid login attempts into your iCloud account, due to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting your account access until we can confirm your identity.

    To proceed to confirm your account information please click on the link below and follow the instructions that will be required.

    Verify Now


    Why you received this email

    Apple requests verification when the security department detect some unauthorised use. Your Apple ID cannot be used until you verify it.


    Apple Support

    The email was from "23linux.nrserver39.net", I didn't notice this until afterwards


    After (stupidly I know) clicking on verify I was sent to a website that appeared to be Apple but the website address did not have a green lock. I immediately got off the site and changed my Apple ID password to be safe. If I sound stupid sorry, any reply would be appreciated in verifying this is a scam so I should forward it to Apple.

    Thank you!

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    It is a phishing attempt. Do not respond. Do not divulge any personal or financial information. You can use the address below to report the phishing attempt to Apple.




    The link below has information to help identify fraudulent emails.