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The wife and I are adding a MacBook Pro to complement our desktop Macs - files, backup photo storage, maybe some games and internet access, etc, while traveling. It will not be our primary machine and we want to sync any additions to it back onto our desktop computers once back home.



1. When I set up new accounts on the MacBook, should the home folders have the same names as the desktop machines or does that cause a conflict when networked?



2. If the home folders have to be unique, can the account names (login screen) at least be the same as our desktop Macs?



3. What about the passwords associated with the MacBook - any reason they couldn't be the same as the non-mobile Macs? Maybe a bad idea but just curious...

OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    You will be syncing via a "cloud" service rather than by account. You can use the same or a unique name for accounts and passwords.


    Saving your files to DropBox is very easy to keep files in sycn across multiple devices. Even if you have an older computer, DropBox will work even if they are too old for iCloud.  DropBox is free up to 2GB, but you can pay a monthly fee or yearly fee to get 100GB.


    Apple's iCloud can sync items like your Safari bookmarks, mail, contacts, calendars and photos.


    You can also transfer files via external drive or file sharing when you get home.