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I have an iPhone 4S, and today I tried to update some of my free apps, but was asked to re-enter my billing information. I did, with the correct information, and know that I have money in that account, but the information was rejected and I am being asked to enter different billing information.

Sadly, I am only 17, and only have one debit card to use, so do not have the option of using a different card. I am stuck for what to do, as I'm certain I only have one Apple ID, and have never purchased any apps or downloaded any using anything but my phone and the account synced to that. The only thing that I've ever purchased is a few songs, which I put a little of my paycheque aside to do, so I know I have the money.

I would very much like this resolved, as I wanted to download done free organisation apps to help with my A Level studies.

Apple ID, iOS 7.0.4