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I just noticed my Mac Pro (Early 2008) 8 Core bought in early 2009 (just before the newer model came out has been running slow. 

I've just checked and although 10 GBs installed - 2 x 1GB (Apple) and 4 x 2GB (Crucial).


I won't to replace the memory, but Crucial are only showing 4GB (2 x 2GB).  Is Crucial still the best option for replacement in the UK.


Thanks in advance.



Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Have 10GB installed but the original Apple 2GB has stopped working.  This is what I need to replace.

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    Probably they are.

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    I'm confused, RAM either works or it does not - it does not slow down with age or use.


    In Activity monitor, are you showing many page outs?  If your system is not swapping to disc with the amount of RAM you have, then adding more or replacing what's there will not speed up a thing.


    If your RAM has actually failed, then sure, Crucial is a great source.  Apple does not actually make RAM, they just buy from suppliers like all computer companies do.  Often, Apple devices ship with Crucial RAM (or Samsung or Kingston - I've seen new systems with any of those in them).

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    Has Activity monitor changed in Mavericks.  I'm still looking for Page Outs.  Wasn't it in a pie chart at the bottom on the screen before?

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    In Mavericks, it will be listed as "swap used" (page outs are actual RAM writes to disc, but I guess Apple thought swap used was simpler ?).


    If you are not using any swap at all with the working 8GBs (I saw your post that the 2x1GB has actually failed), you could save yourself the money and just live with 8GB until you actually need more?