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I am trying to add a HP Officejet Pro 8600. I have installed software and Updates using Apple. The file is sent to the printer and to reports "100 percent" complete but no printing. Software is up to date.



The first time I did this, the printer work. Then I troed to install the scammer using the driver from the HP site and the HP installation disk. Then the printer stopped working. Since I removed all HP softward from the MAC abd went via the File/Print?ADD Printer Mac option but no luck.


Would apprecaite any help. Thank you

Mac Pro, iOS 7.0.4
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    okay, martha37, maybe I can help

    if you go into system preferences, then Print and fax, then you should come to a window with a  Plus and Minus at the bottom and your printer in there. If you control click in there, you should get a window that says "Reset Printing system". You have mentioned that you tried to install the scanner software using the driver from the HP website at www.hp.com. The only thing I see listed is the all-in-one package for this printer. There is, however, an uninstaller. Go to your Mac's Hard drive icon on the desktop, then to Applications, then to Hewlett-Packard, then run the HP uninstaller.  Then try reinstalling the software for the printer. Your Mac Pro may need a restart afterwards. choose your printer in the "Printer/scanner" section of System Preferences. You can also delete stuff manually, but there's also stuff in the LIbrary you have to delete as well. Just throwing out the Hewlett-Packard folder won't do it. After you reinstall the software, then try to add a printer. You have to install the software first if the printer's drivers aren't included in Mavericks/Mountain Lion. Repairing permissions might be helpful, also


    Good luck to you

    John Brine

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    Thank Johnb-one


    Thetre is no HP folder in my Applications directory.

    I unistalled everything, both using the Uninsall from HP and then cleaning out the Library and Resources.

    Then I insatlled the driver by going to Word/Print/ Add Printer -- as receommended by the apple site.

    This had worked teh first time I did it (before I played around with the HP website and installation disks).

    SO now there is no HP forlder in applications. There is some stuff in teh Librabry which I assume came from the apple install. But I still can not print.


    When you mentioned  "reinstall the siftware" did you mean from disk? HP web page? Or going through Apple/Print?choose Printer option. I think I have basically tried all 3.


    I suppose I could clean out the Library and try installing the HP driver again from eitehr the web site or the disk but I thought this is what got me in trouble in the first place.


    Thanks so much for your help! Martha

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    • OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion systems will have the necessary printing software already installed, or will automatically download and install software when the printer is connected or configured. Do not install software that came with the printer as it may be out of date, and do not connect the printer to your Mac yet. Follow the instructions that came with the printer to unpack, install ink or toner, and insert paper.  Finally, use the instructions in this article to connect the printer to your Mac.
    • Make sure the printer model is listed in Printer and scanner software, which is a comprehensive list of all printer models that have compatible software for OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion.

    How to add a printer

    Start a print job on the Mac and manage its options

    Generate and manage PDFs

    Manage the printer queue and printer dock icon

    Share the printer queue

    Mac OS Printing/Fax (any version), OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion


    printing in OS X Mountain Lion


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    Thank you so much, hatter. Yes, i followed the instructions precisely as utlined above the first time and it worked. My troubles started when I loaded the disk software to get the scanner to work Cleraly this was a msitake. I unsitalled the software and re-installed using the method you share above but I still can not get it to  to work. There must be some vestiges of the HP software messing tings up. Yikes! Live and Learn!

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    HP, HP, when will they ever.... 


    If it doesn't work, reset the printing system:


    then add another print queue manually.

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    Thanks, yes, I have reset this several times andre-added .

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    I have no HP folders in my Applications Folder, as I did years ago.  I'm on 10.9 (Mavericks) now.

    The Mac OS goes out to the internet to get the driver software that is needed.


    If you have installed drivers from any HP disks, unplug the printer cable and Uninstall everything from the same CD.


    Go back to  System Preferneces > Printers & Faxes.

        * Make sure you have no more HP printers or other HP devices.


    Note: With Mac OS 10.9, if you hold the Option Key and click on a printer, you will get the option to "Reset Printing".

               This appears differen than the previous Apple Technical articles that cover 10.7 and 10.8.


    Run the Disk Repair utitlity.   (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility )

    Choose your hard disk.

    Run "Verify Disk Permisisons" first to get an idea of what's not right.

    Run "Repair Disk Permissions"




    Go back to "Printers & Faxes" and create a new printer.

    The new printer should have an icon that looks similar to the printer.

    When you click on the printer icon, a box at the top of the window allows you to choose "Print" | "Scan" mode.


    If you continue to have problems, you may need to find some third party utiltiy (like Tech Tools) to completly remove all the HP software.

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    The hatter wrote:


    HP, HP, when will they ever.... 



    If it doesn't work, reset the printing system:



    then add another print queue manually.


    This technical aritcle (HT1341) was written for 10.5.8 - 10.8.   Mac OS 10.9 is not described and Reset Printing is contextual menu off the actual device, while holding the Option key.

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    So Apple has a new article? did they fail to update the old FAQ to expand it?

    Sorry for out of date link then.