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Hi there,

I'm working on a 2-hour documentary for a client that is due to him in two days. I shot in 1080p and altogether have about 50gb of raw footage. In a moment of stupidity, I went right ahead and edited the entire thing with those very large files referenced. As you can imagine, when it came time to render, it said would take 2 weeks. Haha.... no.

So I went back to my files and sent them through Handbrake to convert them into mp4's, using the .H264 codec so FCP would still read them. Now all the footage a much more managable 4gb total.

I threw my raw footage on another disk so it'd go offline in my project, then I reconnected the files to my smaller mp4's.. which have the same name so it was fine. They're all connected now but when I go to render, the render time still 2 weeks. Shouldn't it be much smaller now since I'm referencing smaller files? Where in the system is it still referencing my giant raw files? If I'm approaching this all wrong and need to create a new project using the mp4's, is there a way to match all the cuts and edits I made in the current project so I don't have to manually re-edit the whole thing?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    FCP doesn't work with H.264 files....nor MP4. If you don't see the codec listed in the EASY SETUP list...don't use it. 


    Are the large files ALSO H.264...say from a Canon DSLR? 


    You need to convert the footage to codecs FCP works with, like ProRes. And ProRes files are LARGER than camera raw H.264...but are easier to work with.


    If you want to edit natively, or with H.264 files...you need to be using Adobe Premiere Pro...or FCX.