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I have a 15 inch Mac Book Pro running 10.5.6.

Just purchased a used copy of Final Cut Pro 7 Studio. Loaded final cut onto the machine, restarted, launched FC7 and received this message,

"Unable to locate the following devices: Apple FireWire NTSC (720 X 480)" there was nothing attached to the firewire input.

I restarted and relaunched FC with my camera (Sony HVR-A1U) attached and idle in the playback mode, same problem.

I restarted the Mbook on the install dvd and completed a total erase and Reinstall of the operating system.

Same problem.

I checked system profiler under firewire with my camera attached and it is shown.

I then rechecked profiler with an external HD attached and that is shown as well.

In the past while using FC Express I have imported video through this port on the computer as well as importing through my external HD into the port.

It's an 800 port on the computer and the external drive is 800/600.


Any Thought's?


and thanks in advance.



Final Cut Pro 7, iOS 5