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I have a desktop computer that has a Bluetooth internal adapter. It has an Internet cable.


I would like to use this connection on my iPad.


I know it works with an iPhone or, as I have found online, with a MacBook.


But how can a Windows computer be switched from the Bluetooth PAN (Pesonal Area Network) cliento to a PAN server?


Nothing I have done, the iPad has never shown the tethered icon. When the cellular is off, the iPad has no connection. Supposedly, the Bluetooth system is still working in the normal direction: iPad => Computer. What I need, is to switch it backwards: Computer => iPad.


Is it possible? If yes, please give me an idea how to do this.




Есть настольный компьютер, у него есть встроенный Bluetooth и проводной Интернет.


Хотелось бы подключить iPad к этому соединению.


Я знаю, что это (брать Интернет) возможно с iPhone и, насколько я читал в Интернете, с MacBook.

Но можно ли сделать это с Windows-компьютером?


Если да, то как? Заранее благодарен. С уважением, Арсений.

iPad Air, iOS 7.0.3, 128Gb Cellular