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Dear Sir / Madam,


Hi, I am prashanth, I am using I-phone 4 since many years.


I was very comfortable with the phone all these days.


Now, after updating to IOS-7 my phone is giving to much of problem.


My major problem is mentioned below:


1.If I scroll it hangs.  eg:with contacts, with I-tunes, with mails scrolling up & down, wit games downloading.


2.If I swith on the wi-fi the battery drains very fast.


3.while receiving call, when I swipe it does not work. (This happens every alternate day) Then I have switch it off then again swith on.


4.After switching on the mobile phone. if I want to make calls, the contacts shows very late.


5. After up dating to IOS-7. If I want to skype, my voice is disabled. If I self test my voice it is disabled again.


6. My speaker sonds very less.




My final words please give back us the old version. where I was very happy with the phone all these years but now I am not the reason is above.


I dont want to update my I-Phone please. Because, I am happy with my old phone.


I guess you people want us to change the phone to make money, So, you are creating a problem in the phone.


But, I am sorry to say that.


Thanking you.


Please treat this mail as urgent & kindly release us the old version of IOS-6 to only i-phone 4 users.


Thank you once again.





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