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I have changed the guest network's DNS server IPv4 addresses to and and rebooted base station.  These are the values for Comcast.


Still not able to connect to internet over this guest network.


Do I need to do anything else?  Help!

Airport Time Capsule
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,344 points)

    The Guest network will not work correctly unless you have a simple modem......not a modem/router or gateway type of device that is commonly furnished by Internet Service Providers.


    If you are not sure what you have, locate the make and model number of the device that you call your "modem" and post back with that information.

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    Bob - thank you for your quick reply.  My setup is as shown in the attached image:




    My guest network is on the Apple Airport TIme Capsule (v7.7.2).  Router mode for this time capsule shows "Off (Bridge Mode)" but grayed out.  No edits possible as shown below:




    Northbound of the Time Capsule is my Apple Airport Extreme (v7.6.4) that is in turn connected to a Comcast uBee DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem.  I believe it is this one.

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    Thanks for the additional details.


    You have a simple modem, so that qualification is met.


    But, the Guest Network option on the AirPort Extreme must first be enabled in order for the Guest Network to be extended on the Time Capsule.


    Do you have the Guest Network option enabled on the AirPort Extreme?

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    Thanks again Bob.  How do I enable that on the Airport Extreme?  I do not see that under either the Wireless or the Network tabs of the Airport Extreme.

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    What is the model number of your AirPort Extreme?


    If you are not sure, look on the bottom of the device for the model number embedded in the foam mat.


    It will be something like A1143 for example.

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    If you are unable to see the bottom pad on the AirPort Extreme, you can check another way to see what model that you have.


    Open AirPort Utility, click on the AirPort Extreme icon, then click on the AriPort Extreme heading at the top of the smaller window to see more information about the AirPort .  What Generation model do you have?



    Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 3.04.31 PM.png

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    Airport Extreme 802.11n (2nd Generation):



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    I think by now that you have probably guessed that the 2nd Gen version of the AirPort Extreme does not have Guest Network capability, so that being the case it is not possible to create a Guest Network to allow the Time Capsule to extend it.


    It would be a lot of work, but if the Guest Network feature is important, you could reverse the roles of the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule and reconfigure the Time Capsule to act as your main router and then use the AirPort Exterme to extend the main network.


    The Time Capsule would create both a main and guest network. The AirPort Extreme could extend the main network, but not the Guest network.

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    Yes, makes sense now.  Thanks a bunch for your help with this problem.  I think I will reverse the setup with the time capsule as the main router.