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Recently, my hard drive started making clicking noises and everything has been slowing down, so I'm worried there is some kind of issue.  I brought my laptop into the Apple Store today and they more or less told me to wait until it goes all the way.  Any suggestions?  Like, should I call Apple support or would it be worth it to replace on my own?  Thanks in advace for your help!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Suggestion Numero Uno: Make a backup before your drive fails because you can't make one afterwards.

    Suggestion Two: Refer to Suggestion Numero Uno.


    Not knowing the exact model you have we cannot answer your second part question.

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    ipodwaco wrote:


    Recently, my hard drive started making clicking noises and everything has been slowing down, so I'm worried there is some kind of issue.


    This is the main reason to think the hard drive is failing. First of all, make a backup of your files onto an external drive with Time Machine > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1427


    Then, to check if your hard drive is working correctly, open Disk Utility (in /Applications/Utilities), select Macintosh HD in the sidebar and verify it.


    If it gives you an unrecoverable error, you need to replace the hard drive. You can install near any 2'5" SATA hard drive, so have a look at OWC > http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/hard-drives/2.5-Notebook/ HGST and Seagate hard drives are popular

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    Oops I should have put that in there.  It's a unibody MacBook Pro 15".  I bought it about 5 months ago so it is still under warranty. 

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    If your MacBook Pro is in warranty, take it to an Apple Retail Store or reseller after making a backup and it will be replaced for free

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    If it's in warranty you need to determine that you can replace it yourself without voiding the warranty. Otherwise, you should let Apple perform the work. Although not difficult, it does require partial disassembly and proper tools.


    BTW, since all MBPs today are unibody, that does not identify your specific model unless it is a refurbished or used model made when the Unibody was first introduced.

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    Kappy, if I am not wrong, Apple should repair the computer for free if it is in warranty, including hard drive problems. In this case, I think it would be better to let Apple replace the hard drive instead of paying for a new one

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    Yes, they will, as far as I know. But replacing a hard drive is sometimes considered a user replacable part under the warranty. If the user doesn't want to give up use of his computer for a week or longer, then he/she may prefer to do it themselves and pay for a new drive. Also gives them the opportunity to get a larger and/or faster drive should they want it.


    Whether the owner wishes to go in such a direction, they need to determine that they won't be in violation of the warranty's provisions, which would be a costly mistake.

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    You are right, Kappy :-). I forgot the time that the repair would take, and how important it is for some people