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my imac keyboard has stopped working??? help!!!!!

iMac, iOS 7.0.4
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    Tried replacing the batteries?

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    yes, done that.

    when i switch it on the little green light flashes but the keyboard does not respond at all. any ideas?

    and thanks for responding

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    Try: Turn off the keyboard. Open BT preferences and be sure it's in Discovery mode. Now turn on the keyboard waiting for the flashing green light. See if BT prefs picks it up.

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    i'm not logged in so can't do anything??

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    Do you have a USB keyboard you can use? Otherwise, you need to take it to Apple for help. Not much you can accomplish at this point.

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    no i don't.

    thanks for the help. i will go to the apple store tomorrow. :-)

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    My keyboard just stopped working out of the clear. One minuet OK next it was dead. No little green light at all. New batteries did not help.


    FIXED THE PROBLEM!  I took a small piece of aluminum, made a little ball out of it and dropped it down the tube where the batteries go. Replaced the batteries I had just used......little green light comes on and the the keyboard functions like always.

    My guess is after a few years the contacts oxidize a bit and don't make contact with the batteries on the bottom of the tube. Give it a try.

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         Did you hold the button on the keyboard for 6 seconds, that will shut it off. Then hit the button again for 2 seconds and it should turn back on, then restart the computer with the power button.



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    Same thing happened to me yesterday, I found that the battery contact at the bottom of the battery compartment of the key board gets a little oxidized and doesn't make contact with the battery.

    I put a small piece of aluminum foil, the size of a small pea in the tube to make a better contact with the battery and then tightened the cap on the battery compartment.  That seemed to fix everything.