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I'm using 10.6.8.

I see two kbases for setting up Apple Mail to work with iCloud email.


But, one says it's specifically for 10.6. The other is for other email apps, using IMAP setup.


But, wouldn't the IMAP settings in the second work for 10.6 as well?






other apps




I gues I'm trying to figure out why they are different since iCloud is an IMAP account, but both articles have different settings for that

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    The settings in http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5330 are wrong, heaven knows why: they are the old MobileMe settings which have straggled on a bit and worked for some people but are likely to stop working at any time.


    Setting up iCloud mail manually can be tricky in Snow Leopard because its 'wizard' tries to force you into MobileMe. The method for setting it up is described in this illustrated article:


    Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard

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    it would seem one of those kbases made sure to mention option-click in the process to allow edits in the IMAP setup.


    So, in the 10.6 info:


    user name (excluding @me.com)



    But, in the iCloud server setting for email clients:


    user name=example@iCloud.com



    It seems user name under each is different in that one wants @iCloud.com and the other doesn't.

    Also, "imap" is added to the icoming and outgoing info.


    I set my SL up using the "icloud: mail server settings" instead of the one for 10.6.


    But, I was trying to figure WHY there are two different ways and why specifically 10.6 differs.

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    10.6 doesn't differ. I'm using 10.6 with imap.mail.me.com and smtp.mail.me.com and have been since the beginning of all this, and I have no idea why the first page mentioned is giving the old MobileMe settings. I seem to remember Apple posting a suggestion that if ex-MobileMe subscribers did nothing their mail would just continue to work - which would have been perfectly logical - but the experience seems to have been that it worked for a time and then stopped working. The servers appear to be different for different goegraphical areas (so that one server doesn't have to cope with the entire planet) and presumably different areas are losing the old settings at different times.

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    thanks for the explanation!