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I'm running Mavericks 10.9 on a 2011 MacBook Pro.  I have 2TB Western Digital Firewire 800 drive that contains my Aperture Masters and an Aperture Vault.  The two directories combined equal 1.1TB, yet the system reports the disk as only having 249GB free.  I have done all the usual stuff suggested after having spend quite a bit of time here poking around already - Verify, Repair, show hidden files, emtpy the trash, startup in recovery mode and use disk utility, run Daisy Disk...etc.


I'm fresh out of ideas.


Any suggestions as to things to try that I have not thought of or found already would be greatly appreciated.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Western Digital Drives have software on the HD and in the firmware of the enclosure that is incompatible with Mavericks.


    1. remove the HD from the enclosure
    2. erase it
    3. put it in another (non-WD) enclosure.
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    Nevermind... misread something.


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    I know that's true of the "standard" black colored models of the WD drives, but what about the silver Mac-specific ones?  I have those.


    Thanks for the reply!


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    Your post prompted me to go look at that view as I had not looked at the system report.  It does not report any backups (one of the things I did was run the terminal command to disable those).  However, I do see that I have 918GB of "Other" files. 


    I'd love to get this cleared off.  I use this drive exclusively for Aperture Masters now.  I did have a folder on there where I also dumped an import copy of the incoming master files on camera import, but I moved it to a different drive because it didn't make sense to have both copies on the same drive.  My gut tells me that even though I copied that folder (Aperture Import Copy) to another drive and then deleted the folder from original location, those files are still hidden and taking up space.


    Thanks for the reply.


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    Here is a screen shot of the offending drive.  I ran iDefrag and when I look at the output, there are references to files in the "MobileBackups.Trash" folder that were from the aforementioned folder I moved and subsequently deleted.  Finder is reporting the folder as "Zero Bytes", but there is clearly something in there according to iDefrag.  Keep in mind, this is a 2TB drive.  The math doesn't add up.


    Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.00.49 PM.png


    Here is a screenshot from iDefrag and the reference to the folder "Aperture Import Backup" is the folder I moved and deleted from this drive.  It would appear that some or all of it remains, but is hidden.  The question is, how do I rid the drive of any hidden garbage.


    Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.05.49 PM.png


    Any help from some experienced folks (or simply those who may have experienced this or something like it), would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance,



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    This was the solution to my problem.




    A little Terminal kludge and some barely eloquent syntax trial and error...and viola.


    I now show 1.1TB of space free, as it should be.