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HI, I have SL 10.6.8 installed on a partitions on my external Drive with iPhot 8.1.2 in the applications foleder,  I also have a disk I make a couple years ago with photos of myu iPhoto file.  The ifor I get from the iPhoto icon on the disk says it is version 8.1.2.  When I try to openit on SL I geta dialog that there was an error

trying to read the disk and I have to either close, send a report to Apple. ignore (which clopsies the app.


What is wrong with the app?  Any clues?  I tried to upgrade it but to no avail so far.


Runnig Mcericks 10.9 4GB Ram.



OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Here's how to get photos from discs created with previous versions of iPhoto into your current iPhoto 9.5 library:


    1 - copy the library from the disk to the Desktop.


    2 - download and double click on the iPhoto Library Upgrader tool to launch it  and select the library on the Desktop to convert.


    3 - launch iPhoto 9.5 and open the newly converted library on the Desktop.


    4 - use the paid version of  iPhoto Library Manager to merge the library on the Desktop into the iPhoto 9.5 library in the Pictures folder.


    5 - confirm that all of the photos from the Destkop library have been successfully imported into the iPhoto 9.5 library before deleteing the library from the Desktop.


    6 - repeat Steps #1 - #5 for each library on a disk.


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