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My question is my subject, What-good is Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1?


As I used my iMac (from mid-2011), I was as well-as accosted on Sunday afternoon by Software Update.  Software Update advised me that Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1 was available, so I got it.  (Never-mind that I am the Sole User of my iMac.  Further, I never use it through a network.)


I suppose that Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1 is something to use later, maybe in the distant Future?  At-least I have pacified Software Update for-now!  Thank you.  :-)

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 2.5 GHz Intel Core I5 P. & 4 GB M.
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    See more like this on the right, but basically:


    There are two products:


    1) ARD Client, built into base OSX that gives screen sharing and VNC connection capabilities (this is the ARD Client update).


    2) ARD Admin, a separate product available via Box Set and now App Store is a paid for "extra" that gives further capabilities of administering one or more Macs from another. Includes remote package install, sending commands (wake, sleep, reboot, logout current user etc), the running of various reports etc.  This is the ARD update.


    Basically run the update if for no other reason it will stop nagging you!




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    That didn't answer this question. The answer, install it, don't ask any questions.  I don't want people spying on me.  Very close to ditching computers to only go on at the library with a fictional email address that I set up randomly.  Seriously, I think being spied on is akin to having some stranger watch me pee. 

    Ok, I am sorry about that last remark, but I won't install this latest software unless I get a straightforward answer that it WONT allow another person to spy on me. 

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    I won't install this latest software unless I get a straightforward answer that it WONT allow another person to spy on me.


    It won't. You would have to turn on Remote Management and grant a user the appropriate rights before anyone could connect to your Mac via Apple Remote Desktop. I hope that's straightforward enough.  And just FYI, the client software is already on your system. It's been bundled with Mac OS X for years. So you're not increating security of your system by not allowing the update to the Remote Desktop client.


    Up to you what you wish to do from here.



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    Like Pelosi said, "You have to pass it (install it), to know what's in it"!!