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I am working off Windows 7, iTunes and have downloaded iBooks 3.2 into iTunes. I do not have a book tab that shows up at the top which I would like to use to add PDFs to my iPad. Additionally, there is no area at the bottom of the apps section of my iPad in iTunes where iBooks allows me to add files. I used a separate program and was able to add the PDFs but it did not suit my needs. How do I get the book tab to show so I can begin adding PDFs?

iPad mini Wi-Fi, Windows 7
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    Ctrl+, will open up the preferences options. On the General tab, click (under Sources) on Books to make the Books section appear in your Library.

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    Thanks for your help. Books is check marked under the general preferences and there is still no books tab.

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    Firts of all, if you have the screen below, click on the Music drop-down:



    followed by:



    However, if you have the sidebar showing, Books should already be visible (once turned on in Preferences):


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    Ok this helps a little. I am able to view the section you've shown me above. Now how do I add PDFs to the iPad via this section? When I plug the iPad in, I still don't have access to add files to the iBooks app. It looks like, from this page, that I can only add books from those purchased via the iTunes Store. How can I add my separate PDFs and ensure they show up in iBooks?

    Again, thanks for your help thus far.

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    Select the device (your iPad) when iTunes sees it. Then select the Books pane and tick the Sync Books box:

    book sync02.png



    If you use the sidebar view, the device is here:

    book sync.png



    and once again, simply select Sync Books and option you want (all/selected books)


    The first time you do this, you will probably need to click on Sync in the bottom right corner to force a Sync after your changes.

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    There was no books pane when my iPad was selected. However, I found that if I go to the button in the top left corner and click add to library, I can add the PDFs I want and view them in iBooks. Once I added the PDFs, then I was given a books pane on the top. Problem solved, thanks for the help.