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I just got a GTX 760 and it doesn't have EFI boot, but it does work flawlessly in my Mac Pro 3,1.  I know in Mac OS you can select which disk you want to boot to in system preferences.  So I used that to boot into my Windows Bootcamp partition on my separate drive from my actual hard drive.  I mean I can take my hard drive out to force it to boot to OS X but that seems a bit much just to switch OS.


My question is if there's any way in Windows to select which drive you want to restart into before you shutdown like in OS X.

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9), 3,1, 18 GB, 2x2.8 Xeon, GTX 760 2GB
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    Use the Startup Disk control panel or press the Option key at startup.



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    If you have installed the Windows support software in Windows, the Boot Camp Control Panel allows you to choose which drive you want to start up with.


    Right-click the Boot Camp icon in the taskbar, select the option to start Boot Camp Control Panel, choose your OS X partition and restart.


    If you have not installed the Windows support software, you can download it. Choose your Mac Pro model and the Windows version you are running in this site > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5634?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


    To start up in OS X without using Boot Camp Control Panel, hold the Option (Alt) key while your Mac is starting up, and select the OS X partition

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    X on startup will look for Mac OS X system to boot from.


    In OS X some like your setup use "BootChamp"


    The Boot Camp control panel in Windows does have within it a startup disk, and on the taskbar.

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    Hi blake,


    Maybe you can help me out.


    How did you attach the power to this card ??

    I have the same card and don't know how to hook it up.

    Mine has one 8 pin and one 6 pin connector.


    With the card came a ' splitter ' that you can use to combine the two 6 pin power outlets on the Mac pro motherboard to one 8 pcie connector pin that goes into card. I want to use that but then there is an empty 6 pin connector on the card.


    Any ideas ??


    Regards Frans

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    Don't use the splitter.  You need a second cable that goes from the motherboard to the card.  If it is a 760 it will need to be in 16x PCIe slot, not the 8x.  The card should have came with a cable.  You need a 4 pin (motherboard) to a six pin and another 4 pin to 8 pin connector.  There is another 4 pin slot right above the other on the motherboard for a second power cable.  Just search YouTube for "760 in Mac Pro 3,1" and there should be a couple of videos that show the hookup if you need a visual of it.

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    My read is you SHOULD normally use a splitter but to combine a one 6-pin and one molex  to combine to feed the 8-pin connection.


    1 - 6 pin from MB to 6 pin on GPU + (b) 8 pin on GPU feed by 8 pin Y cable feed by 6 pin from MB and 6 pin from 4 pin molex in optical drive bay + (c) PCIe


    Using a 450W PSU in optical drive bay ($25-45 usually)



    Even though I have seen EVGA include molex in their kit they also on their forum frown discourage and tell everyone that is not the way to get power and you could even harm the card. Of course you can't OC GPU so they likely are not pushing the power envelope.

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    If he is using a 3,1 Mac Pro or above he does not need another power supply.  If he got the 2GB EVGA 760 all he needs is one four to six pin connector which was standard in my Mac Pro connected to the 8800gt.  Then he needs one four pin to four pin if it is the standard clocked version.  I'm guessing yours is the Super Clocked version?  Even then you only need a four pin to eight pin along with the four to six pin.  Even if you have the Super Clocked the Mac has plenty enough power for it to work without problems if there are no other cards taking up significant power.


    I'm going by what my manual for the 760 says and you do not need to use a splitter.  Actually yes you can overclock the video card.  Just do it at your own risk even though you shouldn't need to at all.  I've never hit the point where I needed to overclock.

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    I would gently say that I do not recommend anyone use 4-pin to 6-pin


    And it has nothing to do with 3,1 and later or not.


    1,1 and above all have two 6-pin connectors on the motherboards.

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    Sorry this was almost six months ago when I installed mine and it felt like a four pin from memory.  Still, it only needs a 6 pin to 6 pin connector and a 6 to 8 pin connector.  You shouldn't even need another power supply or any such splitters.  I have my 760, PCIe SSD and a PCIe RAID cage for two 2.5" drives and I still have plenty excess power.  The reason I'm only stating 3,1 and above is because I've never seen anyone successfully put in a 760 in a 1,1 or 2,1.  I'm not saying it won't work, I just know for a fact that it will work for 3,1 and up.