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Aperture 3.4.5. Pixelmator 3


Recently having repeated problems with Aperture hanging. Only happens when opening or closing the app. No problems at all when using.


When opening: Dock icon bounces as normal, "Aperture" appears top left. Beachball spins. Icon remains 'open' but no window appears and "Aperture" disappears from top left.


When closing: Window shuts down but icon remains active in dock


Either way Force Quit is necessary.


One additional thing - I need to test this more thoroughly - the problem seems to occur only when Pixelmator is in use. There is an older question about a possible Pixelmator issue which received no answers. I have also had problems with Pixelmator since latest release but no idea whether they could be related.


So far I have: repaired Permissions, Re-built all 3 active libraries (I have 3 archive libraries also but never in use); Trashed Plists for both apps - this appears to have solved the Pixelmator problems only.


Any help appreciated

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 27" | 2.7 Core i5 | 12GB Ram