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Hello All,



The running of the Music app (Radio, iTunes Match & stored music) on my device is expected to resume audio play after the word suggestion feature is activated.


Here are the suggested steps to recreate:

  1. Start Music app
    1. Radio
    2. iTunes Match songs (iCloud)
    3. Internal songs
  2. Open a text editing app
    1. iMessages
    2. Notes
    3. Email
    4. all similar app with word suggestion feature
  3. Incorrectly type a common word
    1. The goal is to trigger the word suggestion audio


Concern: The audio does not recover after the word suggestion audio is finished. 

Workaround: For music to resume, user is required to act via music controls.

Question: Is this the intended function?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 7.0.4