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I have never had problems with iMessage before. My friend had an iPhone and he just got a new Droid phone. With iMessage on, if I text him, the texts only go to his old iPhone and not his new Droid. I have to turn iMessage off to get my messages to go to his new phone. If I turn iMessage off, I don't get iMessages on my iPhone. They only show up on my iPad as iMessages and don't show up on my iPhone at all. How can I fix this?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2
  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    That's because your friend didn't bother disabling iMessage on his iPhone before switching to a droid. Your "friend" needs to resolve this.


    This issue is address here on a daily basis. Refer your friend to these forums and thell them to search for the answer.