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any help please

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    If you want to delete those tracks from your phone then you can swipe from right-to-left on them on the track selection screen in the Music app on you should get a Delete button on it. Or you can delete them when connected to your computer's iTunes - select 'music' under the iPhone 'device' on the left-hand sidebar of your computer's iTunes :


    devices music.jpg


    And then use the right-hand side of the iTunes screen to select and delete the tracks that you don't want on it.


    Or if you don't want music that is only in the cloud showing in the Music app then Settings > iTunes & App Store > Music (under 'show all') 'off'.


    Or do you mean something else ?

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    I had lots of songs displayed on my iphone which I had previously purchased through iTunes. Although they were not synched to the iphone they did appear in Music (with a little cloud icon next to them). I managed to get rid of them by going to Settings --> iTunes & App Store --> SHOW ALL. I then Switched this to OFF for all music and videos and they no longer displayed.