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Apple Hello
I very much support your product ..
But since there is a virtual button is supported in the system after you cured, it should bestarted from the 6.01 system has always been there with a BUG
BUG is this the beginning of the performance
If you set the home button will open by Three
Failure virtual menu key will also open ... and then down menu will not appear on the ...There is a button to turn off the virtual press the HOME button three times after
The BUG there has been ... thank you for always developing new features .... but this menuis for all of us ... since the user needs more and more obvious that the 7.0 system is completely open ... menu ...
Support BY *** (ID Icould)
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iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, as 7.04 system
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    I'm sorry, but that is not the best translation. It seems you have a question about Accessibility. See this support document. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5018

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    AssistiveTouch Set up open by Press three times botton home....

    Then if you press three times in the course will not appear on the menu (the menu is above with the following)

    I'm sorry .. I use a translator ... My English is poor .. I just could understand English only

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    I also would like to submit about inconvenience in use
    If you still do not understand .. there is a Chinese or Spanish, I can explain this error
    my email  caosols@gmail / caosol@163 / caosols@hotmail Thx


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    I have just tested my device, an iPhone 5s with iOS 7.0.4. When I set the Accessibility Shortcut to Assistive Touch, I can tap the home button 3 times and the button appears, if I tap it 3 more times, it goes away. If this is not working for you you can try to reset the phone. Hold the power button and the home button together until you see the Apple logo and then release the buttons. The phone should reboot. See if it works after that. I hope this is helping you.


    I'm sorry, you are not addressing Apple here, we are users like you. I do not see a bug in how it works, since it is working as it should for me. Try the fix I told you about above.

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    recien estuvo probando en mi iphone 4 / 4s de mi mujer..seguimos eso problemas que te comente...


    ahora te explico bien el bug en Spanish


    configuramos el AssistiveTouch como tocamos 3 veces en el boton HOME...se configura bien...

    y despues cuando necesitamos el assitivetouch...aparece bien como estamos usando...pero usamos el assitivetouch tocamos 3 veces en el virtual boton...ahora que pasa?no funciona la barra de arriba ni de abajo...el menu no aparece!!este prueba ya esta desde el IOS 6.01 hasta ahora no hay nadie recomendo a APPLE...!!Gracias!

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    I can activate my Assistive touch and then after tapping the assistive touch button 3 times, it will also turn off Assistive touch. I'm not sure what your issue is, but it seems to work just fine on my device. Again, try the troubleshooting I recommended earlier.

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    si...estas bien como decis...pero cuando tocamo 3 veces el boton desaparece el assitivetouch...pero dejo funcionar el control center...y el menu de interna!!me comprendio?gracias por tu atendidos!

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    aca te dejo un video que filme hace unos minuto para que podes ver bien como funciona mal el assitivetouch y control center!!





    By Andres Caosol



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    Well, the video is difficult to watch because of the fact there is no light other than the iPhone screen. I see what you are talking about, and cannot tell you if this is a bug or if it designed to operate like this when using assistive touch. You may submit a bug report to Apple at www.apple.com/feedback and click on the bug report link.


    Like I said earlier, this is not Apple, so telling me doesn't help. You need to provide information in the feedback link I provided you. Have a nice day.