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I already went through the regular Apple forum and am now hitting up the Business & Education sector; I am an IT in a government office who just switched our fleet to iPhones.  We are not permitted to use certain apps that are not in our data contract, touch the Cloud, or cause cost/personnel issues.  Those items I try to corral in a folder "Unusable Apps" on a separate page where the user has little eye contact with them (outta sight outta mind right).  I go through the motions of turning off every notification, update, share feature, etc., I can find but the icons are still on the phone.  I have a fleet of about 100 iPhones and at least half my users are sneaky & curious and often try to reactivate things I have already hidden or turned off per our agency telecommunications policy.  I just want them removed all together so I don't have to keep going through this and for those who can't fight temptation - so they won't have to anymore. 


So far in the Apple forum I am being told: You can't. The best you can do is use restrictions to limit use of some of the standard apps, You can use restrictions to prevent changes to accounts and other things as well, and to ask about "the Configurator".  I need more information about Restrictions, what is this Configurator?  There has to be a way for government business to run on these devices without a public disclosure issue arising every other staff person...


Please someone tell me how do I remove standard apps from an iPhone 5?

iPad, iOS 7, This also happens on the iPhone 4s