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I recently noticed a problem with video files from iPhoto not being entirely imported into iMovie9.


My workflow involves importing all videos into iPhoto (so that i can view them conveniently along with the pictures), and then importing them within iMovie projects from the section in the library that says iPhoto videos. Trouble is, if there are multiple clips within a given event, it appears to be importing only the first one. There is one event with multiple clips which it did not import at all.


I'm just wondering, is this a bug that others have discovered, or is there some kind of trick to ensure that all video is imported? I really don't want to change my workflow since I don't routinely open iMovie to view video (just for creating projects). Nor do I want to also import video directly into iMovie's library as that would be redundant and hard drive space is already an issue for me. Bear in mind that I recently told it to import video thumbnails from iPhoto, so the problem isn't the lack of a recent import.


Any help appreciated.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012)