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Last week I posted a question about my original 2Gb of memory in my Mac Pro had failed and I was looking for a replacement.  Previously bought from Crucial and the consencious was to buy from them again - so I did.


I found that by putting just the original two sticks of 1GB - one on each bored, only 1GB was working.  I rearranged the order of all the memory I have - 2 x 2 pairs of 2GB (Crucial) with the 2 x 1GB pair.  The system still reported 8GB.  I then ordered another 2 x 2GB from Crucial. 


Not sure why, but before opening the package from Crucial, I ran the Crucial software and it told me I now had 10GB.  Checked the same on About this Mac, and it also is reporting 10GB.  But last week it was 8GB, but now 10GB.  The only thing I have done is to run Onyx earlier tonight, but this is really strange.


Has anyone experienced anything like this before?


Thanks in advance.


Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)