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I am wondering how to get my credits to scroll up for a duration of 95 seconds. Seems no matter what I do, there are 10-45 seconds of blank space before it scrolls. And once it reaches 95 seconds, it is only half way thru the credits.


I begin by placing the playhead at the beginnig and marking in point. Thel I apply the scroll up affect. Then I take the blue bar at the inpoint and position it so it is just below the TV safe lines.


Not sure how to fit the entire credit roll to 95 seconds.


Does anyone have a step by step instruction on how it's actuall done. I have watched the Youtube tutorials but they don't seem to have the same probelms I am.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), FCS 2
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    I've used LiveType since Apple made it available and have never seen the problem you describe. That doesn't mean it's not doing it, just that it's not "normal."  I have experienced the problem you describe when working with the FCP scroll tools.


    In either case, I'd start with trashing the appropriate prefs and repairing permissions. After that, any other "housekeeping" you feel will clean up the system. Maybe start a fresh project in LT as well.


    The advantage to working in LT is that you have a live timeline and your output should match it one-for-one. If it simply won't, what I used to do is increase the duration of the scroll until I got all the content and export it (effectively pre-comping it) and then bring that clip back in and edit it to eliminate the "dead air."  Crude but effective.


    good luck