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I accidentally deleted an important numbers document tonight.  I need to restore the lost document.  I erased my iPad and tried to restore from yesterday's iCloud backup.  Everything looks like it did yesterday except the lost Numbers document is still missing! When I go to iCloud on my desktop, the document is not on my iCloud.com account either.  Can someone help me with this? The document is very important!


Thank you.

iPad, iOS 7.0.4, Numbers on iPad Air
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    First, this is what an iCloud back up contains:



    Notice Pages and Numbers documents are not part of the iCloud backup.


    So your only hope would be if the Numbers spreadsheet were actually stored in iCloud.  If it was, you probably deleted it from there when you accidentally deleted it.  Anyway, since you searched in iCloud on your desktop and confirmed you cannot find the spreadsheet, it is not there.


    So, unfortunately, your Numbers spreadsheet is gone.