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I have set up two user accounts on my iMac. One for me and one for my wife. However, every time I try to import an address book for my wife it brings up my address book. How can I have two separate address books. My one which is accessed when in my user account and one for my wife accessed when in her account?

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    You have the ability to create a "Group" within addressbook.  It is that Group where you can drag the contents of your wife's addresses into one for your wife, one for you.

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    I set up the other account and now have one with all contacts and one with my wife's.

    The phone numbers are not in this address book. i.e. my wife's address book only contains the email addresses I imported. The phone number for the same person is in another account.

    I am totally confused and now scared to delete anything incase I loose one or the other.

    So difficult. Why can't it be simple. i.e. you set up a user account each on the imac and then when you import whilst in that account it automatically setsup an address book in that user account and ignores previous address books in existing user accounts. That would be much simpler and if you wanted to share them you could?


    Thanks for the help. I at least have the emails in a separate address book.

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    Probably because the way you describe it sounds so complex, not even I can understand what you need.  I suggest sitting down with a consultant at the Apple Store and visually show them what you need, and they can help you. Sometimes it just helps being there so it is obvious to the person in question.