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Just recently my Aperture has stopped allowing me to "Group Adjust" images.


For example:

1.  If I select a group of images and want to rate them with a star ONLY the primary selected image* is rated and NOT the entire group which is selected.


2.  Lift and Stamp tool.  If I adjust an image and Lift the settings to be stamped on a group of selected images and press the Stamp Button at the buttom of the Aperture Window the adjustments are only stamped on the primary selected image.  However in the Lift & Stamp HUD if I press the Stamp Selected Images the adjustments WILL be applied to all selected images.

FYI = primary selected image refers to when an image has a BOLD select line around the image while the other images in the selected group have a thin line denoting they are selected as well.


Is there a way to correct this problem?


I've done the Repair Permissions and the Repair Database.


AND.... NO the Preview mode is NOT on.


Thanks in advance for your help!




Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Mac Book Pro 15