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When I'm adding an event into my calendar, I'll type in the address of meeting place for said event.

then I hit done, and the event is added to my calendar, except the number that I had typed in for the street address vanishes.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I have this same problem, except I also like to put the time of the event into the description so I don't have to rely on the timeline bar (not sure this is what it is called...) on the calendar to know the time- it's like a backup for me. One reason I prefer to type in the time is so when I am traveling the time zone changes don't matter. This is a huge problem for me when I am putting in the departure and arrival times of flights because although iCal can put one of the times in the bar, it still deletes both.  I really hate this feature and wish there were a way to disable it.