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First things first - English is not my first language so please excuse the errors I make. If anything is unclear/badly explained just say so and I will do my best to try again.


I am the (right now not so) happy owner of a iPhone 5 64GB since late april. It was purchased online in the germal localization of apple store.

For a month or two everything was alright, but suddenly the phone went out and restarted - at first I panicked a bit, but after a few weeks without any problems I thought that was a one time occurrence. Then it happend again. And again. And again. Sometimes it didn't restart for over an hour. (This was especially aggravating while I travelled and all my tickets were on that phone.) This all was while iOS 6.X was still a thing.


I updated to iOS 7 as soon as it was out and it worked well for some weeks. Then it broke down again and didn't boot at all, it was looped in the process. I panicked and googled and restored it successfully via restore mode. (Against all advice from backup though.)

It worked for a while but a few days ago it broke down again. Annoyed I wanted to repeat it, but restore mode wouldn't work anymore! That "connect to iTunes" symbol won't even show up and iTunes doesn't recognize the phone.

I tried DFU mode, iTunes now connected and initiated the restore process. But while it showed "Waiting for iPhone" the phone (in DFU mode!) suddenly tried to restart over and over (logo showing and fading and showing again...). Everytime I got "Error 4005". (That seems to be a error usually occurring when a cable or an adapter is broken, so I believe that the rebooting of the phone "broke" the connection to iTunes or something?)


What I tried so far:

  • Switching cables
  • Crying
  • Different computers
    • my main computer (Win7 64 Pro), with my full iTunes library
    • a new account on my main computer, iTunes without a linked ID
    • my MacBook Air (OSX Lion) with a linked iTunes and, after reinstalling, a "blank" one
    • another computer with Win7 64 Pro and a virginal iTunes (this got Error 4014 the first time, after that also 4005)
  • "Repaired" Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Crying some more


I haven't had a phone for several days now and I'm giving up. I will contact support tomorrow.

But is there ANYONE who knows this problem? I know that the reboot loop is notorious, but that even DFU mode (and yes, I used it correctly) doesn't work? Hardware defect? (I was VERY gentle with the phone...)

Any help, information and last straws would be very much appreciated. I still hope I simply overlooked something obvious.


Thank you!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4, 64 GB, bought in April
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    double check you tried everything.

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    I had this same problem for a week now, has yours been fixed yet?

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    Same problem for me since today. iPad 3.

    Within 5 Seconds: Apple-Logo -> Black Screen -> short screenflashing -> Apple-Logo...


    Any ideas?

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    Shut off "find my iPhone" in iCloud.

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    No, not working, but good idea!

    I guess it's a hardware prob. Since I didn't turn the iPad off for several months the defect just appeared last "reset". Appel will charge 300€ for replacing the device:-(

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    i got the same problem with my iphone 5 64GB.


    i had couple of weeks ago a screen replacement aftermarket. but after couple of weeks, it began to shut down it self and reboot///


    now i cant get further than the apple logo reboot loop. when i want to restore i got 2009, 4005 or 4014(this is when its waiting for the iphone but the iphone wont come to the state of restoring)


    i think there is a HUGEEEE ******* fabricational problem with the 64GB i5.


    succes guys

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    I have the same problem but with iphone 4 and it was on 7.0.4 already

    • Battery went down suddenly
    • Trying to recharge or operate, iphone stuck and appeared connect to itunes.
    • Connected to itunes for restore to the latest ios 7.0.4
    • Error 4005 by itunes, since more than a week
    • I did the same procedures you mentioned with no results.


    And still not working!

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    I had also the same issue , IPhone 5s IOS 7.0.5

    1- The device went down suddenly.

    2- The IPhone stucked and appeared connect to iTunes.

    3- Connected to iTunes for restore to the latest IOS 7.0.5 but Error 4005 by iTunes return after loading an error on the iPhone screen says “we are hanging here ”.


    please let me know if any one has a solution !

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    Same issue here, rebooted my phone several times..

    tried different computers, tried everything...

    I have the iphone 5s 16gb, got it less than a month ago, and everytime i try restoring it, it says error 4005 with restoring,,,

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    Try it with a new dock connector and a new accu. It solved my problem!

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    Yesterday (April 14, 2014), my 32Gb iPhone 5S running ios 7.1 unexpectantly shutdown. After plugging it in to the MacBook that I normally sync to, iTunes told me that the iPhone was in Restore mode. After some seaching on the web, I decided to let iTunes proceed with what it claimed was the only course; a restore. It claimed that all data would be erased. I went ahead since I had a backup (old). The MacBook didn't have a copy of the most recent iOS (7.1), so it downloaded v7.1, verified it and started working with the iPhone. After a minute (roughly) the iPhone lit up, but didn't proceed past the Apple logo. iTunes eventually showed an error saying the operation was unsuccessful; ending with (4005). Apple support suggested I turn off "Find My iPhone" from iCloud. Tried that, no change in the result. I tried the restore procedure again, but this time after the restore error appeared, I dismissed the error and left the iPhone plugged in to the Mac. After a few more minutes the iPhone continued to start up! I was able to backup all data locally to my Mac, and then complete the Restore. A fresh install of iOS 7.1 and a restore from backup gave me my phone back. In summary, don't give up if you see error (4005). Hope this helps someone. And back up your phone regularly!

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    Last Monday 16th June, my Iphone 5 suddenly shut down. I plugged it to my MacBook and after having it in recovery mode, Itunes told me to restore it, After a while iTunes (updated) showed an error saying the operation was unsuccessful (Error 4005), I did everything from changing the USB cable to trying in another computer but the same thing happened. It is stuck in the Apple Logo which fades and changes from white to violet.

    Please let me know if you have any solutions for this problem!

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    Recently updated to IOS 8.2 and since then have had the same issue. Cannot use my phone now as it won't turn on.

    It just keeps sticking in the reboot/fade loop. Have tried new USB, factory reset, DFU, downloading itunes on another computer and restoring there, even booked a service request at my local apple store and after waiting around for 2 and a half hours, got seen for 5 mins, was told my iPhone was "busted" and I could have a refurb for £199... Shocking service to say the least. I was told by my network provider that I was probably given an iPhone with a "faulty logic board" to begin with and that the update just "brought out the error". Arranged a support call with Apple US last night to no avail (she basically just told me to uninstall iTunes and try reboot which took hours). Going to go buy a Samsung this weekend and be done with it. Using my iPhone 5 as a paper weight. If anyone has a solution to this hardware issue I'd be truly grateful as Apple are apparently clueless and only bothered about money...