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Every online store I have been to so far had plenty of search and refinement options ... as iTunes Store seems to be far less self-explanatory I am sure similar questions have been asked so please point me to the right threads should they exist.


I managed to sort audiobooks by author/reader using the column-browser. However, I find the lists rather lacking and not every author available seems to be listed (maybe databases are incomplete?).

How can I rather sort by title or release date when in the column-browser audiobook sub-directory?


In the Store View:

If you already know a title everything is fine ...

If you want to browse you get a jumble of releases from the past X years in no specific order. (e-g- I looked for Doctor Who in audio books, the first release shown was from 2006 ...  houndreds follow with  newer ones  randomly mingled inbetween)


How do I use additional filters on a direct query in the store not using the column-browser:

- Releases of the past week?

- Sort by release date?

- Sort by title?

- Exclude certain search results?


I find it tantamount to look through houndreds of random results to find a single item.


Thanks in advance for any answers ^^