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How do you sync outlook 2013 calendar with iPhone 4s?

iOS 7.0.4
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    I am having the same problem since upgrading to Outlook 2013 I can't sync contacts or calendar events I am not sure if it is Outlook 2013 or iTunes.


    Can anyone help?

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    As detailed at https://discussions.apple.com/message/24147101#24147101, Apple does not support syncing Outlook 2013 with the iPhone.

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    Further discussion with Apple Support indicate that they don't support Outlook 2013, but they think it typically works.  I reinstalled Outlook 2010 and that didn't fix the problem, so there is a deeper problem that Apple doesn't seem able to solve.  The best workaround I've found involves putting your private data on Apple's servers and dealing with dual calendars in Outlook, where all appointments sent by email go into one calendar (without even showing you the other calendar for comparison) and iCloud uses the other calendar. 


    It is all very kludgy, particularly since you are forced to buy a 2 year phone contract and then the software grinds to a halt and the carrier, Apple and Microsoft point fingers at the other guys.

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    I am trying to Sync iPhone 5s with Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1 and have problems. Is the sync thru Google workable using the SYNC2 software?

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    I have spent hours getting my IPhone 5s to sync with Outlook 2013. It would work for months and then suddenly cease to sync. I am a finance professional and not a tech guru and have no wish to be a techy.


    My finance point of view is this; maybe apple should add this to its analytics – a regression analysis to see if there a direct inverse correlation between numbers of hours spent trying to make the IPhone sync with Outlook (which Apple should supply free as customer support) and its market share in the smartphone business. There are not enough Apple apps to make the phone so attractive as to ignore the fact that it does not perform the basic function as a mobile device. If I had to put a dollar figure on the amount of time I have wasted I could have paid for three full priced smart phones. While Microsoft and Apple spend their time pointing the figure at one another, Samsung is going to be stealing your market share.

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    I spent several hours on the phone with Apple support on this issue (it was free, but of course my time isn't free).  They tried all sorts of workarounds, but in the end concluded that my only option was to use iCloud, thereby putting my address book and schedule on Apple's servers, which I see as an invasion of my privacy.  But it turns out that iCloud doesn't sync well with Outlook, as detailed at http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ca3191f4-2c1e-4b52-a563-177877a 89ee8/is-outlook-icloud-syncing-hopelessly-kludgy?forum=outlook


    To get syncing working properly I may have to choose between Outlook and the iPhone.  I expect that iPhone will be the one I dump unless there is some good workaround to the iCloud sync problem.

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    Like others here, I'm in the unfortunate position of having to use Office 2013 and thus Outlook 2013. I'm due for getting a new phone in the next month. If the problem is not resolved by then, I have no choice but to get a phone that syncs with Outlook 2013.




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    I was having exactly the same problem without Outlook 2013 and iPhone 4s calendar synching, and as with others here, was also planning to change phones.  However, I stopped at the Apple store to inquire about this and the associate there was able to fix the problem.  It is not the best solution, but it does work. 


    First of all, I have downloaded and am using iCloud.  When I go into Outlook Calendar, there is a tab named "iCloud" under which are all of the active caledars.  The problem is that any new appointments I was creating were defaulting either to the "Work" or "My Outlook Data File" calendars.  The associate instructed me to click all of the calendars off except for the "Calendar - iCloud" under the "iCloud" header.  This would force a new appointment to be created on the iCloud calendar.  You can tell when you have done this because the color scheme of the appointment will match the color scheme of the tabs at the top of the calendar.  When I enter a calendar appointment as an iCloud appointment, it almost immediately synchs back to my phone. 


    I will note that I never had a problem with phone entries going back to my Outlook calendar. 

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    If you uncheck the regular Outlook calendar and someone sends you an appointment via email, it still is placed in the regular Outlook calendar, and not in your iCloud calendar.  So now you have accepted appointments that are invisible to you unless you turn back on the Outlook calendar. 


    I've listed the various problems with the iOS / Outlook combination at http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ca3191f4-2c1e-4b52-a563-177877a 89ee8/is-outlook-icloud-syncing-hopelessly-kludgy?forum=outlook


    If there are workarounds that actually fix problems it would be good to know about them, but the advice given at the Apple store seems very deficient.