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Hello all AppleScript gurus,


Here is the situation. My friend's company (it is a small company) uses a Linksys NAS 200 as a mail server. They recently purchased an APC BackUps 1000 Pro as the universal power supply (yes I am aware that it is not suitable for business purposes, but the boss is a cheapskate).

I would like to be able to shutdown the server remotely when the UPS tells the mac laptop (running 10.7.5) that power is being supplied by the battery. However, APC's software for OS X is nonexistant, and the options in energy saver in system prefs are limited.

Would it be possible to use AppleScript to send a message to the server to shutdown upon receiving a warning from the UPS? If so, how would this be accomplished?

Many thanks in advance in case I forget to say thank you again after. If further information is required, I'll do my best to supply the info.


Thanks again.