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I am having a problem with loging in to my apps as i have had same id and password for all and for two years . youtube music video's helped get through the pain of cancer and the computer help me conect to my friend then i went to mail and i was recieving nothing my doctors all have same passwords and lawyers ,and it would be hard and i could never remember many password changes as i was fine with   ,now this is second time google caused this problem and said i must change password as i belived again and did with out anyone accepting it .i con not recieve mail, or go to face book,or google search as was my only browser and they will not accept my id as they say it is wrong as does all othe web sites as well as youtube i am at a loss . please help me .   Sincerely Debra Rossi Jones


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MacBook Pro, iOS 7.0.4, I also have iphone 5 and it see
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    We are fellow users here on these public forums, you're not talking to iTunes Support - I've asked the hosts to remove your email addresses and password from your post. If that is your current password that you've posted for everyone to see then you should change it IMMEDIATELY.


    I'm not sure that I understand all of your post. By 'google' do you mean your gmail email accounts ? If you do then how are you trying to access your email, via the Mail app and/or another app on your phone, the Mail program or a browser on your Mac ? If you are using the Mail app on your phone and you've checked your email account's password then you should be able to add that new password on your phone by tapping on the email account in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap on the 'account' at the top of the next screen, and you should then be able to enter the new password. If you are using the Facebook app on your iPhone, and you've changed the password for logging into Facebook, then you should be able to update it on your phone via Settings > Facebook


    If you are using the Mail app on your Mac, then to change your gmail password in it (assuming that you've changed the password for it) then go into Mail > Preferences (command-comma), select the Accounts tab on the preferences, select the gmail account on the list of accounts, and on the right-hand side of that screen you should be able to update its password.


    If the problems are on your Mac then you might be better off re-posting in one of the other forums (e.g. Safari, and there are forums for various Mac OS X versions), and there is also a Using iPhone forum - this forum is for the iTunes Store e.g. buying, downloading content from iTunes.