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kolai Level 1 Level 1
I know the ATI Radeon Mac Edition will work but it is discontinued. All others want more than os9.1.

Any recommendations (besides change of OS)


G4 AGP Graphics   Mac OS 9.1.x  
  • PB PM Level 4 Level 4
    You can get anything from the listed card (which sells for about $40 on ebay by the way) to the Radeon 8500. After the Radeon 8500 ( so the 9000 series or later) there was no support for 3D acceleration in OS9. Of course there is always the option of a Nvidia based card, like the GeForce3 or 4 MX, which both support OS9. Most of the OS9 supporting video cards are older, but some of the newer Nvidia cards which have had the Mac ROM flashed on them still support OS9, but I'm not sure. Most of the ones that will meet your needs will be found on ebay, or a select few Mac specialties sites.
  • David Pirinelli Level 4 Level 4
    You are probably better off with a flashed PC card since an AGP Graphics (Sawtooth) Machine does not have an ADC power plug for Apple OEM ADC cards.

    So, you must be using either VGA or DVI for display output.

    The Nvidia Ti4600 for Macs was last & fastest OS 9 supported card. It could run 2 displays at once. The flashed ones on Ebay have DVI & VGA, the OEM ones have DVI & ADC. "Yoyomarv" is best source, if he has any.

    A GeForce 3 for Mac is nearly as fast, but can only run one display at a time. (no extended desktop without a PCI video card) Alas, the GeForce 3 flashed cards have flickering issues with VGA out, but only when used in a Sawtooth. I can't speak for the OEM ones. Full OS 9 support. If "Yoyomarv" doesn't have any listed, "AppleMacTechnology" or something like that usually has them as well.

    Please note: I am neither of the above parties nor do I receive any $$$ from either. I have never met them, they are not my brother, etc.

    I would avoid any of the GF2 or GF4 MX cards, they are very old tech, and very slow as well.

    Do you specifically need OS 9 3D? Or just need to use desktop?
  • kolai Level 1 Level 1
    Just desktop. I may be wrong but I don't think this G4 can be considered a sawtooth.

    It has 3 pci slots and one agp, and its a dual 450.

    Thanks for the info so far, I'm scouring Ebay and will check the above mentioned resources.
  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 Level 2
    This is not a sawtooth, but is a Gigabit ethernet called : Mystic and Medusa2...

    Ps: don't buy on Ebay!
  • PB PM Level 4 Level 4
    Nothing wrong with buying on ebay, you can save a lot of money, just be very careful who you buy from.

    If you machine has an ADC port (and extra slot on the logic board by the AGP slot... the ADC is a small three or four pin port not sure I'm not looking at one right now) then you have either a later model Rev 2 AGP or a Gigabit Ethernet, although its more likely you have a GE.
  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 Level 2
    Check : http://www.welovemacs.com
    They got anything you need with explanation on your model, i actually got one dual 450mhz G4!